Puerto Vallarta


The 5 fun bars in the Crown Paradise Club Puerto Vallarta.
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The best thing about staying in our Puerto Vallarta all inclusive resorts is enjoying the comfort provided by the amenities we offer you;…

How to Be a Responsible Tourist While Going to the Beach?
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Experience the release of sea turtles at Crown Paradise
Jun 5 of 2018 For Alfredo Nuñez

The time is approaching when hundreds of sea turtles arrive at the 42 kilometers of coastline of Puerto Vallarta to lay their eggs,…

Get to know “Playa de Oro”a traditional beach in Puerto Vallarta
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 Crown Paradise Golden and Club Puerto Vallarta are privileged to be located at one of the most traditional and known beaches of the…

Stay super fit on your next visit to Puerto Vallarta
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What to do when bitten or stung by a sea animal
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tips to survive a long bus trip
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The explanation of why music is basic in our travels
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Puerto Vallarta´s cuisine
Nov 10 of 2017 For Denisse Lugo

A nice way to get to know a city is by tasting its classic food, in the case of a beach destiny is…