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The benefits you will get when traveling to the beach

Jan 16 of 2019 For Alfredo Nuñez

The benefits you will get when traveling to the beach

The benefits you will get when traveling to the beach
Jan 16 of 2019 For Alfredo Nuñez

If you have ever wondered why the beach is your favorite destination for vacation and what causes you to feel so good when you’re there, well, we have to tell you that there are several reasons behind it. Are you ready to know why? We are sure this article is going to give you that little push to finally decide to go on vacation in our Puerto Vallarta all inclusive hotels. Take notes!

1. It reduces your stress

It reduces your stress

What sound of nature is recurrent in relaxing music? Exactly, the sound of the ocean. Now imagine what happens when you are facing directly to the waves: you calm down even more. The reason is that the sound of the sea influences your inner rhythm, slows down your heart rate and brings you peace.

Another reason why you calm down is the negative ions contained in the sea breeze. Being in contact with them increases your serotonin levels, the hormone of happiness, which improves your general mood.

Finally, there is the blue color of water, psychologically we associate it with depth, wisdom and serenity.

2. Strengthen your bones

Going to the beach means getting a tan. Although it’s bad for your skin when you exceed the recommended time, in a moderate way it can be beneficial. According to the World Health Organization, some UV radiation is good for increasing the calcium and phosphorus in your body, which are essential for skeletal development, immune system functions and blood cell formation.

3. Exercise without realizing it

Exercise without realizing it

Walking barefoot through the sand strengthens your muscles, and if you upgrade it to a game of volleyball, jogging on the sand, jumping the waves of the sea or swimming imagine all the exercise you have done during your vacation in Puerto Vallarta all inclusive hotels and without really realizing it.

4. Cure your skin with sea water

Due to the salt, potassium, calcium, magnesium and iodine that seawater contains, it oxygens at a cellular level, contains antioxidants and healing nutrients for your skin. It also helps to accelerate the healing of skins suffering from dermatitis.

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5. Improves your respiratory tracks

Improves your respiratory tracks

The fresh beach air is rich in iodine, which helps improve your mucus and function of your lungs, which improves your breathing functions and decreases your chances of suffering from diseases such as fibrosis.

What other benefits have you experienced when visiting our Puerto Vallarta all inclusive hotels? Share it with us in our social networks.

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